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About Us

Join us! and learn the art of pottery making! Create decorative and functional pottery in a communal studio. For dates and times of our next classes please click here.

Our classes are designed for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students -- these classes focus on wheel-thrown pottery (centering, pulling walls, shaping and trimming) and glazing. We'll give you the basic skills and knowledge to make all sorts of functional pots. Typically, students take the beginner class more than once to get comfortable with the process of making pottery. Our teaching method is hands-on to the step by step process of making pottery. 

The goal of our classes is to give you an introduction to the art of pottery and the ability to create functional pottery. We want you to learn what it takes to throw a pot and we want you to have a great experience doing it!

As you progress in your skills we work with you expand the possibilities of a wondrous material!

For more information on when the next classes are, please click here.

Our Pottery Classes

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Our Handbuilding Class

Our Handbuilding Class is a great way to begin working with clay. In our handbuilding course(s) you are able to hit the ground running and make a variety of objects, functional or sculptural, without having to attain the bit of skill required on the pottery wheel. In this course we show various ways of working with clay. A few such ways are; Solid Building, Coil Building, Slab Construction (hard and soft), and pinch pots to name a few. Click here to see when our classes are offered.

Solid Built (Usually Sculptural):
Solid Build ceramics is essentially that, building something out of solid clay. However, If we fired a solid piece of clay, chances are it would explode. So, we show you how to hollow out a solid piece in order to prevent this.

Coil Building (Sculptural or Pottery Based):
Coil building is potentially the oldest way of working with clay. Through this process we show you how to make either pottery projects or sculptural objects out of long 'ropes' of clay.

Through soft slabs, we show you how to make things using molds, tubes, or free forming to construct different objects. Soft slabs usually tend to be more organic in the final piece.

Through leather hard slabs, we show you how to make more geometric forms by cutting shapes out of a stiffened slabs of clay and assembling them into either a piece of pottery or sculpture.

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