Welcome to Zenclay Pottery Studio!

Studio Update re: Corona Virus 9/1/20

Dear Zenclay Enthusiasts,

As West Virginia continues to deal with this really annoying pandemic...we are continuing with a new 6-week session beginning next week (Sept. 7th - Sept 13th). I understand that there will still be many who are opposed to returning and we urge any who have any such concerns to stay home.

We will be maintaining the same standards and policies implemented in our last round of classes to keep our people as safe as we possibly can...

  • Classes continue to have a max of 7 people per class. As always current students always get first cracks at the next round of class.
  • Masks will be a requirement...no exceptions. If you need one, we will have some fancy tie-dyed ones for you to use but a deposit will be required.
  • We have arranged all wheels to the 6ft parameter advised by the CDC.
  • Maintaining a clean studio will also be a top priority. For this we will have a bleach solution to spray down your working areas after every use.
  • Open studio times will now require you to sign up...no more drop in hours unless you call ahead to see if space is available.
  • To accommodate students with our smaller class sizes, We will continue with all the same class times including the Sunday Afternoon class.

We hope that you are all well and we will keep your wellness as our top priority as we prepare to give our amazing community a safe escape from the confines of your home! 

Please email us (Zenclay@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns you may have and we will inform you with our solutions to these interesting times.