Studio Rental

Zenclay's Semi-Private Studio Space Rental
(All Spaces currently being used)

Semi-private space to rent.

The 200 sq/ft space consists of two brand new Shimpo VL Whisper wheels, a 5' wide handbuilder's table, ample storage space, a wedging table, and access to make whatever you want whenever the studio is open.

rental of space; $175/mo. plus clay; $2.00/lb*
these costs include as much time as you want to spend in the studio during open hours and the clay cost** includes all firings and access to all the glazes we use. This also eliminates the hassle of weighing clay, paying for expensive glazes and measuring every piece before firing.***

There is a $175 deposit required to rent this space.
* Clay is sold by the 25 lb bag. you will be responsible for your own reclaim. Any reclaim/trimmings put into zenclay buckets will not be reimbursed. Also, anything larger than 12" in any dimension will be subject to additional firing charges. 
** if you want to bring in your own clay, there will be a $2.00 charge per pound of clay you bring in. This charge will cover the use of our glazes and firings. and your are responsible for your reclaim.
*** Please note that Underglazes are not included.

Who Uses the Space:
Only two people can use this space at any one point in time. This means that if you are paying for this rental option, whichever space you are using is yours. So, you dont have to clean your wheel/table every time you come in. However, you are responsible for keeping the general area clean as this is still a shared area.

Firing Options:
Currently we have 20 glaze buckets that fire to cone 10
in a gas kiln . If you want a different glaze or other materials, it is your responsibility to purchase them.

Requirements to rent space:
You must take one class at zenclay to rent this space. Every studio operates a little differently and it is important that everyone is on the same page. by taking a class you will learn Zenclays system of operation and make your life easier.
you will also be responsible for covering your clay and work.

Private Instruction:
Private Instruction is not included in your rental fee. If you need help with various techniques or concepts you will be charged a discounted hourly rate. However, if you are working during a class in progress, you are more than welcome to sit in on demonstrations at no additional cost.

24-Hour Access:
Currently, this is an option. Cost is an addition $25 per month for this service.

Additional Questions;

If you have any additional questions about this new studio rental option feel free to contact us: