Using Zenclay's Studio by the Hour or Month:
If you have taken a class at Zenclay and would like to continue making pottery without taking a class, we have a new option. Now, you can rent a pottery wheel or workspace during our open studio hours. For more information about our open studio hours or when you can use the space please email us or give us a call.

Cost: Option 1: $5/hr of studio time plus $2.50/lb of clay or Option 2: $100/month plus $2.50/lb of clay.
This cost includes the firings
and use of studio glazes. The hourly rate is charged for all studio time in which you are Throwing or Trimming. We will not charge you for the time it takes to glaze. 

Firing Options:
Currently we have 20 glaze buckets that fire to cone 10 in a gas kiln. If you want a different glaze or other materials, it is your responsibility to purchase them.

Requirements to rent space:
You MUST take one class (6-week or 8-week in length) at zenclay to rent space. Every studio operates a little differently and it is important that everyone is on the same page. by taking a class you will learn Zenclay's system of operation and make your life easier.

Storage Space:
We have dedicated communal shelving for those who use this option. If you would like your own shelf with this option, there is a monthly $35 shelf charge plus a $35 deposit.

Private Instruction:
Private Instruction is not included in your rental fee. If you need help with various techniques or concepts you will be charged a discounted hourly rate.

Additional Questions;

If you have any additional questions about this new studio rental option feel free to contact us: