Pottery Class info

How our Pottery Classes work:
Our Pottery classes are a hands-on approach to teaching you to make pottery. When you sign up for one of our classes, you receive 2 hours of class time during the allotted time. After that we offer open studio time for students to come in and practice.

Clay and Materials: on your first class you will receive a 25 lb. bag of clay. if you need more clay, you can purchase one for $25. This cost will include the firing and glazing fees.

Firing Costs: Firing costs are included in the cost of a bag of clay. If you are not signed up for class and would like something fired...

Studio etiquette: Zenclay's studio is a shared space amongst students. Cleanliness is necessary and some of the dust can be harmful to you. So, please be curteous to the others that share our space.

Additional Costs: