Kids Art Classes

Each week we send out an email for the Saturday morning classes. We also Send out a periodical email for drawing Classes.

If you have questions:
email us at or call 304-599-7687

Kid's Clay Class
Each Saturday Morning
Please note: enrollment will be capped at 6 Children.
In this 4-week class, we will be primarily focusing in clay. Your kids will get more flexibility to make things they want to make. Any yet, Rose Anne Heater will still give them ideas for projects.  Your kids will also learn how to work with different consistencies of clay giving them a whole new realm of possibilities for their projects! We will still use painted underglazes to decorate their projects.

Time: 10:30am - Noon
Cost: $25
Ages: 6ish-12ish

Kid's Drawing Class (4-week class)

Each Friday Evening; August 24th - September 14th
 Please note: enrollment will be capped at 6 Children
In this 4 week class for kids, We will teach your kids about values, gesture, line and shading. These are some of the essential roots to drawing. Along with this, Rose Anne  Heater will work with your children to incorporate these aspects into their individual drawings. With the class being a little smaller, we are able to spend lots of individual time with each of the kids.

Dates: Fridays
Time: 5:30-7:00
Cost: $125
Ages: 6-12ish